Cardinal Ján Chryzostom Korec, SJ
(1924 - )
Prisoner for Christ



SLOVAKIA, 1999, a pre-stamped envelope issued on January 12, 1999 to honor Jan Korec [issue number COB34, 10,700 issued]

SLOVAKIA, 1991 (honoring his appointment as cardinal one week earlier), 1994 (70th birthday), 1999 (75th birthday), and 2011 (60th anniversary of his clandestine episcopal ordination)

Postmarks in honor of Cardinal Ján Chryzostom Korec, SJ (1924 - ), from his native town of Bošany, Nitra, the site of his episcopal see. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1939, was ordained to the priesthood in 1950, and the following year, at the age of 27, was secretly ordained bishop to serve the underground Church in Czechoslovakia during the Communist era. He was arrested in 1960, and sentenced to 27 years in a prison camp. After several years in the gulag, he was released in 1968. After the collapse of communism in 1990 he was appointed as Bishop Emeritus of Nitra by Pope John Paul II and and elevated to the College of Cardinals in 1991.