Father Manuel da Nóbrega, SJ
Founder of Cities



Scott 688
BRAZIL, 1949, the 4th centenary of the City of Salvador, Scott 688
based on a bas relief by the Portuguese sculptor Francisco Franco (1938)

Manuel DA Nóbrega was the leader of the Jesuits' missionary work in Brazil. Born in Portugal, he attended the University of Coimbra, received his degree in canon law and entered the Society in 1544. He worked in several European missions until he was appointed superior of the Jesuits in America at the age of 31. Nóbrega and 5 other Jesuits came to America with Thome de Sousa, the first governor general of Brazil. He was the prime mover in founding Rio de Janeiro. He also founded the colleges of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Robert Southey in his history of Brazil calls Nóbrega the greatest political figure in the colonial period of the nation.

Scott 800 Scott 801 Scott 802 Scott 803  
PORTUGAL, 1954, the 4th centenary of São Paulo, Scott 800-803, and FDI cancel
based on a bas-relief of Barata Fey inspired by Francis Franco's work

Scott C75 Scott 736 Scott 772 
BRAZIL, 1949, the landing of Thome de Souza at Salvador in Bahia at which it was recorded that Nóbrega carried the processional cross, Scott C75
1953, the 4th centenary of São Paulo, shows a "Jesuit monk" (Nóbrega?) planting a tree, Scott 736
1954, the 4th centenary of São Paulo, shows a priest (Nóbrega?) with an Indian and a settler, Scott 772
And a cinderella marking the 4th centenary of São Paulo featuring Nóbrega

 Scott 385 Scott 297 Scott 291 Scott 530  Scott 593 Scott 382 Scott 395 Scott 369 Scott 279
The 4th centenary of São Paulo was commemorated in 1954 with a common design stamp issued by eight Portuguese colonies
showing a bronze of Nóbrega and the IHS monogram of the Society of Jesus against the background of modern São Paulo
ANGOLA, Scott 385, CAPE VERDE, Scott 297, PORTUGUESE GUINEA, Scott 291
PORTUGUESE INDIA , Scott 530, surcharged in 1959, Scott 593
MACAO, Scott 382, MOZAMBIQUE, Scott 395, SAINT THOMAS AND PRINCE, Scott 369, and TIMOR, Scott 279

Scott 1608
SAN MARINO, 2004, the 450th anniversary of São Paulo, Scott 1608
Nóbrega is probably the principal celebrant wearing the gold stole,
and Anchieta in biretta carrying the processional cross in the background.

BRAZIL, 1970, show cancel from São Paulo, showing the Pátio Do Colégio where the city was founded
and honoring Nobrega on the 4th centenary of his death
BRAZIL, 1954, cancels comemorating the founding of São Paulo