Loyola Polytechnic Institute, San Cristóbal

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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 2002, the 50th anniversary of the Instituto Politécnico Loyola in San Cristóbal, Scott 1387

Jesuits worked in colonial Santo Domingo from 1650 to their expulsion in 1767. They trained seminarians and founded the college at Godón and the University of Santiago de la Paz (1701). After their return in 1936 they worked first of all in the northern province of Dajabón, but soon founded a number of other schools: the Agricultural College of Dajabón (1945), Loyola Polytechnic Institute of San Cristóbal (1952), Loyola College of Santo Domingo (1961), the Lyceum at Cutupú, La Vega (1964), the Santa María Radiophonic Schools (1971), the Pedro Francisco Bonó Philosophical Institute (1987) and the Fe y Alegría educational centers (1990). The Loyola Polytechnic Institute began with a proposal of Father Luis González Posada, SJ, the Jesuit superior in the country, to President Rafael Trujillo. Fr. Posada invited Father Angel Arias, SJ, director of a technical school in Havana, to come to the country to found the school. It has since become a great technical and agricultural complex offering basic and intermediate studies.

The Convent of San Ignacio de Loyola, Santo Domingo

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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 1930, Scott 254-258

The Convent of Saint Ignatius on the Calla Las Damas in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic is yet another old Jesuit church, this one dating back to 1745, but one that is no longer used as a church. It became the National Pantheon in 1958 and is the resting place of many famous Dominicans.