Each summer we set certain dates aside in June, July, and August for individually directed retreats.  We invite experienced men and women, Jesuits and others, to form a team so that amid this variety of directors each retreatant may have some compatible person to walk with them through the Spiritual Exercises. The dates are selected to allow for eight-day retreats; those who wish to make shorter retreats should select dates within this time frame (from 5 PM on the first date to 10 AM on the last). While from September to May individuals may generally chose any dates they wish, we limit retreats in the summer to only those days because of the closures of our kitchen and the frequent unavailability of staff.

What Is an Individually Directed Retreat?

There’s a special atmosphere in the house when significant numbers of people are engaged in their own silent retreats surrounded by others who are giving themselves to the Lord in the same way, joining together for Mass and other prayer. One grows close to people in this silent communion even in the absence of conversation.

Manresa’s special gift is prayerful solitude and peaceful openness to the Spirit. Our thirty-nine wooded and landscaped acres with stream, nature trail, labyrinth and “cottages” separate from the main house add to the prayerful atmosphere.


oil painting
by Nancy Mitchnik
click image for more Manresa art

Here is our schedule for the 2017 Summer Sessions:

Session I
June 12 – 21, 2017

Session II
July 17 – 26, 2017

Session III

August 9 – 18, 2017

Please Note: Summer Sessions for Retreats begin at 7:30 on the evening of the first date above.  You are welcome to check in on time for the 6 PM dinner.  Retreats end after breakfast of the last date above.

Cost: for Summer Sessions: $80 per day; outside of the Summer Sessions: $85 per day.

To inquire further contact us.

For retreats of eight days or less during the summer you may register online by clicking on the above dates. or most other dates during the rest of the year. Or you may print this application form and mail it to Fr. Fennessy at Manresa or apply online here. These summer sessions fill up quickly — usually at least a month before they begin — we recommend that you register early.