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Manresa’s Front Gate
pen and ink sketch
by Gail Bergman-McGuire
click image for more Manresa art

I – Days of Recollection

In addition to our regular weekend and midweek retreats, we are available for Days of Prayer and Recollection.

Days of Recollection are offered for groups of parishioners or others with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 80 people.

The schedule for such days can be determined by the group organizer. A typical schedule might be the following:

9:30 AM

Welcome: Coffee & Pastry

10:00 AM

Conference / Private Prayer

11:00 AM

Holy Hour or Healing Service



1:00 PM

Conference / Private Prayer

1:50 PM


2:15 PM

Mass or Prayer Service

3 PM


A group may decide on different arrival or departure times and on the shape of the day. The normal cost for a Day of Reflection (including lunch) is $40 for adults, $30 for seniors, $20 for students; for an evening program that includes dinner add $6. A parish may bring its own presenter or Manresa’s staff is prepared to assist in these Days of Reflection.

II – Time Away for Parish Staff, Lay Leadership, Committees & Groups

Manresa is an attractive place for parish staff, parish lay leadership, or parish committees or other groups to meet, whether for a part of a day or an evening, for a whole day, or for an overnight. If desired, the Manresa staff can supply some appropriate input.

III -Younger People

Manresa can host prayer days and prayer experiences for youth groups or for those preparing for Confirmation. The parish sponsoring such experiences must bring their own director and prefects.

III -A Day to Call Your Own

Manresa offers you a “day to call your own” one day a month to get away from the busyness and noise of everyday life. We provide you with a private room and a simple soup lunch. Enjoy the silence and peace that is Manresa. We have four chapels, a comfortable library, a bookstore; pray at our outdoor labyrinth or Stations of the Cross; enjoy the nature and beauty of our grounds.
The day starts 8:00AM and goes to 3:30PM. Reflect, meditate, pray, walk, soul-search, read and just be.

Our next opportunities will be:

September 19,2019 ; October 15, 2019; November 11, 2019, December 11, 2019

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