Jesuit Retreat Centers Thanks to the many generous supporters who purchased memorial bricks and plaques, we are installing our planned Jesuit Garden. Sterling Weber is the senior landscape designer from English Gardens assisting us with this project. His crew will re-grade the area around Tuomey Fountain for the installation of brickwork. Plantings have been chosen specifically to achieve our goal for a space that feels private: a quiet place for prayer and remembering loved ones. “The fact there are deer and rabbits in the area and a big maple tree filtering the light drove the plant selection.” Sterling explained. “The maple tree is the biggest factor to work around. Not only does it affect light conditions, it also affects soil moisture. The plants selected for around the base of the tree—lady’s mantle and coral bells, for instance— were picked with that in mind as well as choosing plants less appetizing to the wildlife!” Arborvitae on the south side will give a sense of enclosure year round. Viburnum, while they will lose their leaves in fall, will still provide a nice sense of privacy, being densely branched, and they will provide good structure and interest for the winter months. There is still time to purchase a brick at the introductory cost of $300 or a plaque for the Wall of Remembrance. You may use the form below to place your order.
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