A retreatant sits against a tree and pondersIgnatius began to help people by guiding them one-on-one through the meditations of The Spiritual Exercises. On these retreats retreatants spend up to four prayer periods a day in meditation, and then share their prayer experience with their director. The retreat is adapted to the experience of the retreatant as a result of each day's prayer. The full Spiritual Exercises take about thirty days or 10 months depending on how they are made. The 30-day format is not offered at Manresa. Ignatius had foreseen that many people could put 30 days aside to make the full Exercises, and so he provided for them to continue with their usual occupations and at the same time make the Exercises at home dedicating to them 60 to 90 minutes a day over the course of 10 months or so in what is called The Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life. Jesuits and many other religious will pray each year an eight-day version of the Exercises. At Manresa we set aside three eight-day sessions during June, July, and August when visiting directors join us and the house is given over to directed retreats. There are special advantages to this arrangement, but retreatants are welcome to come at virtually anytime during the rest of the year for the period they seek to stay, provided that directors and rooms are available. Registration Process Information: If you want to register for any of the retreats, the schedule for these retreats appear on the right hand side of your screen. Just click on the date of the retreat you are interested in and you will be presented with the information about the retreat and a "Register" button to register. Complete the registration process as instructed.