Praying with Art: the Parables

6 September to 6 December 2022

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Previously, our Praying with Art seminar focused on the events of Christ’s life. This fall semester we’ll discover more about His parables and pray with the art that illustrates them. The parables are so central to Jesus’ teaching that Matthew tells us Jesus said nothing to the crowds without using a parable (Mt. 13:34). His parables are more varied in content and form than anyone else’s. And they are rich in meaning, since Jesus used them to teach us about the Kingdom of God and to hint indirectly at His own identity, while later Gospel writers adapted them to fit the needs of their day. The only texts needed will be those in the Gospels which will be supplied from this page and distributed when we gather in person. So join us to learn Scripture, appreciate art, pray with images and draw closer to the Lord.


Facilitators Fr. Peter Fennessy, SJ, long-time member of the Manresa ministerial team, Ms Carole Sugrue, docent at the Detroit Institute of Arts for 33 years.

Dates and Times: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM on Tuesday evenings:

Session Date Subjects
1 Sept 6 Plants and Growing Things
2 Sept 20 The Kingdom & New Leadership
3 Oct 4 The Generosity of God
4 Oct 18 The Lost is Found with Joy
5 Nov 1 Life in the Kingdom
6 Nov 15 The Wise and the Foolish
7 Dec 6 Separation at the End

The Scripture Text and Images for the September 6th discussion will be posted here on August 24th

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