Father Francisco Javier Butiña y Hospital, SJ
Cofounder of the Siervas de San Jose



Fr. Francisco Javier Butiña on show cancel
SPAIN, 2000, show cancel

Fr. Francisco Javier Butiña y Hospital, SJ (1834-1899), a Catalan Jesuit, native of Bañolas-Gerona, was a writer who made valuable contributions to Catalonian literature. With Bl. Bonifacia Rodríguez Castro (1837-1905) he founded the Congregación de Siervas de San José, a new congregation oriented toward the protection of women workers, one of two congregations he founded. Just three months later, Butiña and his fellow Jesuits were exiled from Spain. On February 12, 2007 the Bishop of Girona, Spain, opened the diocesan process for his canonization.