Father Hugh Costigan, SJ
Founder of PATS



Father Hugh Costigan, SJ on Micronesia Scott 116-120
MICRONESIA, 1990, the 25th anniversary of PATS, Scott 116-120

Fr. Hugh Costigan, a Jesuit priest from Brooklyn, New York, founded Ponape Agricultural and Trade School (PATS), believing that there should be a special institution in Micronesia to provide the practical training needed for the development of the Micronesian people, one that offered skills geared toward utilizing local resources. The strip above was issued on July 31, 1990, the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola. The stamps show the main building of the school, Fr. Costigan and students, Fr. Costigan himself, Fr. Costigan with Ispahu Samuel Hadley, chief from 1966 to 1980 of Madolenihmw, one of Ponape's five states, and a New York City Police Department badge symbolizing the support he received in this endeavor from the New York Police Department.