Father Alfred Delp, SJ
Victim of the Nazis



Father Alfred Delp, SJ on Germany Scott 886
GERMANY, 1964, a stamp from the mini-sheet below, Scott 886

In 1943 Fr. Delp joined the Kreisau Circle, an anti-Nazi group that sought to plan for the Christian future of Germany after what they foresaw as the inevitable fall of the Third Reich. He was arrested for this "treason" the following year. His prison meditations during his imprisonment are available in print. He once wrote that the whole point of his trial was that merely to be a Jesuit was to be an enemy of the Reich. His execution, by strangulation, took place in the Plotzensee Prison in Berlin on February 2, 1945. More

Father Alfred Delp, SJ on M/S Scott 883-890
A mini-sheet of eight stamps to honor the German resistance to the Nazis.