Father Juraj Habdelic, SJ
(1609 - 1678)
Croatian Writer & Lexicographer



Father Juraj Habdelic, SJ on Croatia Scott 727
CROATIA, 2009, the 4th centenary of his birth, Scott 727

Juraj Habdelic was born in Staro Cice in a family of minor aristocracy of Turopolje in April 1609. He was a writer and a lexicographer who worked in Rijeka, Varaždin, Trnava and Zagreb, where he died on November 27, 1678. Habdelic is considered as one of the most prominent among Croatian writers of the 17th century, writing in a Kajkavian dialect. Two books of religious prose, Mirror of Saint Mary and First Sin of our Father Adam, represent his main literary works. Literary historians particularly cherish Habdelic's style. His Dictionar is the first lexicographic work in the Kajakvian literature.