Father Henry Heras, SJ
Father of Christian Art in India



Father Henry Heras, SJ on India Scott 947 Father Henry Heras, SJ on Indian cancel
INDIA, 1981, Scott 947, and its FDI cover and cancel

Father Henry Heras, SJ on Indian first day cover

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Henry Heras, after studies in Barcelona, entered the Jesuits in 1904, was ordained priest in 1920, and came to St. Xavier's College in Mumbai, India in 1922. Four years later he founded what was in 1964 to be renamed in his honor the Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, where he and others trained by him investigated Indian cultural history. The Indus Valley Seal on the stamp, coming from Mohenjo-daro, alludes to his work deciphering the Indus Valley script. He encouraged young artists, and urged them to express Christian themes in particular in Indian style.