Blessed Rupert Mayer, SJ
The Apostle of Munich



Blessed Rupert Mayer, SJ on German Scott 1547 Blessed Rupert Mayer, SJ on German cancel Blessed Rupert Mayer, SJ on Austrian cancel
GERMANY, 1988, the beatification of Edith Stein and Rupert Mayer, SJ, Scott 1547, and its FDI cancel
AUSTRIA, 1991, show cancel for the 450th anniversary of the Jesuits and the 500th of Ignatius' birth

Rupert Mayer was born in Stuttgart January 23, 1876. Though he wanted to enter the Jesuits, in deference to his father's wishes he put off his entry until after his ordination. Following his Jesuit studies and some time traveling around Germany preaching missions, he was assigned to Munich, where he ministered especially to immigrants. During World War I he served heroically as a chaplain and returned to Munich, having lost his left leg, to continue his work there in the aftermath of the war. As early as 1929 he saw the true nature of Hitler's movement and began to speak out against him. He was arrested twice by the Gestapo and finally confined to a concentration camp. His health deteriorated so badly that the Nazis, fearing this popular man would die and be regarded as a martyr, released him under house arrest. When the war ended, he resumed his work, but had become so debilitated that he collapsed and soon died. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on May 3, 1987.