Father Juan Soler de Morell, SJ
(1882 - 1958)
Catholic Social Apostle of Barcelona



Father Juan Soler de Morell, SJ on a Spanish cancel
SPAIN, 1982, special cancel for the centenary of his birth

Father Juan Soler de Morell, SJ (1882-1958 ) was born in Olot, Spain, and after studying at Gerona entered the Jesuits at Gandía in 1898. He studied theology and was ordained in Belgium in 1914, where he came in contact with the Catholic social movements. Later in Barcelona he ministered in the working class district of Clot. He founded the Marian Congregation of Our Lady della Strada and St. Ignatius Loyola for employees and workers, the Brotherhood of Christ the Worker, the Montserrat Ateneo, the first Social Yearbook of Spain, and the St. Peter Claver Center, which today houses the Professional Schools of Clot.