The Pontifical Xavierian University, Bogotá

Scott C581 Scott C582
COLOMBIA, 1973, the 350th anniversary of the Pontifical Xavierian University, Scott C581-82

Founded in 1623, one year after the canonization of St. Francis Xavier, the "Xavierian Academy," as it was called then, was the fourth university in America. At the end of its 350 years, the university had almost 9000 students.

Scott 1259 
COLOMBIA, 2006, the 500th anniversary of Xavier's birth, Scott 1259
Beside the statue of Xavier is the entrance to the Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá,
the inscription over the door 1623 Sapientia aedificavit sibi domum
(Wisdom has built herself a home)
COLOMBIA, 2006, special cancel for the 500th anniversary of Xavier's birth
showing the entrance to the university in Bogotá

Scott 887
COLOMBIA, 1980, 50th anniversary of the Law Faculty of the university, Scott 887

St. Bartholomew College, Bogotá

Scott 2172
, 1979, Scott 2172

Scott C793 Scott 984 
COLOMBIA, 1988 450th anniversary of Bogotá, showing colonial Bogotá and the dome of Saint Bartholomew, Scott C793
COLOMBIA, 1988, Scott 984 and its FDI cancel

On September 23, 1604, five Jesuits arrived at Santafé from Cartagena: Fathers Martín de Torres, Juan Bautista Coluccini, José Dabey, Bernabé de Rojas and Brother Diego Sánchez, sent to found the College of St. Bartholomew. This Jesuit school in Colombia has given that nation at least 23 of its presidents.

St. Peter Claver Church, Cartagena

Scott 2054g Scott C258
ANTIGUA & BARBUDA, 1997, a souvenir sheet celebrating the 50th anniversary of UNESCO, features five Jesuit institutions
including St. Peter Claver Church, Scott 2054g
COLOMBIA, 1954, the tercentenary of the Jesuit church of St. Peter Claver, Scott C258

 Scott C740A Scott C740B Scott C819
COLOMBIA, 1983, the 450th anniversary of Cartagena, Scott C740A-B
1990, Scott C819

The Jesuit church dedicated to St. Peter Claver is recognizable by its domes. It is the place of his tomb, dedicated to his honor, and the work goes on there in the hands of fellow Jesuits.