St. Patrick Cathedral, Karachi

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PAKISTAN, 1978, centenary of St. Patrick Cathedral, Scott 455-456

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PAKISTAN, 2009, the Minorities Week issue shows St. Patarics [sic] Cathedral, Karachi with other houses of worship, Scott 1120

St. Patrick Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi, is situated on Shahrah-e-Iraq, formerly known as Clarke Street, located near the Empress Market in Karachi, Pakistan. The first church in Sindh (except for possibly one in Thatta) was initially built on the grounds of this cathedral in 1845, and was called St. Patrick Church. Since the Christian community had grown in number, and the need for a larger place of worship became apparent, the present structure, Gothic in style and accommodating 1,500 worshipers, was opened in April 1881. It began as a Jesuit church, and the last Jesuit rector was Fr. P.V. Gimenez (1923 to 1935). The Franciscans took the church over in 1935, and it was later was turned over to the Diocese of Karachi (established in 1948, and becoming an archdiocese 2 years later). The design of the cathedral was conceived by the architect Father Wagner, SJ and the construction was supervised by the brothers George Kluver, SJ and Herman Lau, SJ all three Jesuits based in Bombay.

St. Patrick's High School, Karachi

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PAKISTAN, 1987, the 125th anniversary of the school, Scott 676
PAKISTAN, 2011, the 150th anniversary of the school, Scott 1154

St. Patrick's was established as a co-education parish school on May 6, 1861, and officially registered as a high school in 1867. Its founder was Rev. J. A. Willy of the Society of Jesus. The Jesuits ran the school till 1935. It was taken over by the Franciscans in 1935, and by the diocesan clergy in 1950. Its alumni include Cardinal Valerian Gracias, Cardinal Joseph Corderio, and an impressive list of persons of all religions who had risen to prominence as army generals, high court judges, mayors and others.