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Photography of Fr. Bernard Darke, SJ

 Scott 96 Scott 98

Scott 95 Scott 97 Scott 99
GUYANA, 1969, 60 years of Scouting in Guyana & the 3rd Caribbean Scout Jamboree, Scott 95-99
The stamps were based on photographs taken by Father Darke who was involved in the youth movement.

Scott 404 Scott  1858Scott 1859Scott 1860

  Scott 1861
These 17 heavily overprinted stamps were issued between 1981 and 1988 as above, Scott 404, 1858-1861

In 1976 the then prime minister of Guyana, Forbes Burnham, confiscated all Church-run schools. Those who resisted his dictatorship suffered persecution. On July 14, 1979 while photographing a protest march for the diocesan newspaper, the Catholic Standard, Fr. Bernard Darke, SJ (1925-1979), was stabbed to death in broad daylight. He and the Working People's Alliance (WPA) party leader Walter Rodney, murdered in June 1980, are considered the two main political assassinations of the Burnham regime. The Standard and its editor, Fr. Andrew Morrison, SJ, played a significant role in the struggle to restore democracy in Guyana until the free elections of 1992.

Jesuit Wood Carvings

Scott B136b
The Immaculate Conception, wood carving from the Jesuit missions
ARGENTINA, 1988, Scott B136b from St. Ignacio Mini souvenir sheet

These polychrome wood carvings, usually referred to as tallas Jesuíticas or Jesuit carvings, are not done by Jesuits, but by indigenous artists during the Jesuit period and under their influence. The works, of varying though superior quality, have been collected especially in the museums at San Ignacio Guazú and Santa Maria de Fé in Paraguay.

Scott 2688 Scott 2689 
PARAGUAY, 2002, the 25th anniversary of the Salazar Cultural Center, Scott 2688-9
18th-century tallas Jesuíticas (Jesuit carvings) of The Pieta and St. Michael the Archangel

Scott  2706
PARAGUAY, 2002, Christmas, Scott 2706
a se-tenant strip showing a 17th-century Nativity set of tallas Jesuíticas
from the Museum of Santa Maria de Fé, Paraguay

Scott 520 Scott 2677b
PARAGUAY, 1956, the 4th centenary of his death, Scott 520,
2001, Ignatius and the ruins of the Trinity mission from a se-tenant strip;
both stamps show the statue, San Ignacio de Loyola, from the Museum of San Ignacio Guazú, Scott 2677b

PARAGUAY, 2003, tallaa Jesuíticas on the labels of a se-tenant strip, Scott 2677
The figure on the left label is the Angel in the Garden of Gethsemane
from the Museum of San Ignacio Guazú

Scott 2751 Scott 2799
PARAGUAY, 2004, 25th anniversary of the Museo del Barro,
an 18th-century Cristo de la Columna from the Jesuit missions, Scott 2751
2005, the stamp was overprinted to mark the death of Pope John Paul II, Scott 2799

Scott 2953
PARAGUAY, 2012, the Eucharistic Congress issue carries the image of a talla Jesuítica, Scott 2953