Saint José de Anchieta, SJ

BRAZIL, 1989, the foundation's 20th anniversary, Scott 2172

TV Cultura channel is one of the projects of the Father Anchieta Foundation – the Pauline Centre for Educational Radio and Television — named in honor of Saint José de Anchieta. This foundation was set up by the government of São Paulo State in 1967 and is now a private body enjoying intellectual, political, and administrative autonomy.

Fr. Patrick F. Healy, SJ

Scott UX128 not enlarged 
UNITED STATES, 1989, the bicentennial of the Georgetown University, Scott UX128
with FDC cachets from Coronado and Fleetwood picturing Fr. Healy.

The United States issued this postal card commemorating the 1989 bicentennial of Georgetown University in Washington, DC featured Healy Hall, named in honor of Fr. Patrick Healy, SJ, former president of the university (1834-1910).

St. Ignatius Loyola, SJ

Scott 1430

Scott 1430a
MEXICO, 1985, Mexican Colonial Buildings, Scott 1430, 1430a

While the Colegio de las Vizcainas, a masterpiece of 18th-century Baroque is well-known, its real name is not. It was founded in the 18th century by Basque emigrants to Mexico for their daughters' education; as a school mainly for Basque girls, it was called Las Vizcainas. But its real name is the Colegio de San Ignacio de Loyola, so called because of the understandable devotion of its founders to their fellow Basque. The cornerstone was laid on his feast in 1734. It now accepts students from the whole of Mexican society, regardless of their origins.

Father August Muller, SJ
Man of Medicine

Father August Muller, SJ Indian cancel

Father August Muller, SJ Indian first day cover
INDIA, 2007, special cancel for the Inauguration of the Oncology Center
and the special cover for the event

Father August Muller was a Jesuit priest who dispensed homeopathic medicine in India. Today his name is a household word, and in his name, several institutions work in the medical field in India. Muller was born March 13, 1841 in Hagen, Germany. In 1861 he emigrated to America and entered the Jesuit novitiate of the Maryland-New York Province on September 24 of that year. In 1875 he was ordained priest, but in 1876 was sent to France to recover from cardiac asthma. Dr. Alexis Espanet of Paris cured him with homeopathic medicine. Muller came to India in 1878, landed in Mangalore, and began working as a pastor in Calicut. Three years later he began teaching French and mathematics at St. Aloysius College and then started to practice homeopathic medicine himself, dispensing medicine to the needy from under a banyan tree.

From that humble beginning grew the Fr. Muller Charitable Institutions, which today include a variety of service, educational and research components, including: a Medical College, Homeopathic Medical College, College of Nursing, Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Division, Medical College Hospital, and the the Hospital's new Oncology Centre, which is the occasion for the special cancel shown above. Muller himself, exhausted and in frail health, after nearly 32 years with this work died peacefully on November 1, 1910.

Bishop William F. O'Hare, SJ

Scott 781
JAMAICA, 1992, 50th anniversary of the Credit Union Movement in Jamaica, Scott 781
featuring O'Hare Hall at St. George's College, Kingston, Jamaica which was named for him.

Fr. William F. O'Hare was born in Boston, Massachusetts on 23 January 1870, entered the Society of Jesus in what was then the Maryland-New York Province. He was ordained priest in 1903, and came to the Jamaica mission. In 1913, as headmaster of St. George's College in Kingston, he authorized the construction of the landmark building (shown above) that was later to be named for him. He was appointed vicar apostolic of Jamaica in 1919 and ordained bishop the following year. He remained in office until his death on 11 October 1926.

Fr. Michael O'Kane, SJ

Scott UX171 not enlarged
UNITED STATES, 1993, the sesquicentennial of the college, Scott UX171

The United States issued this postal card commemorating the 1993 sesquicentennial of the College of the Holy Cross in Worchester, Massachusetts features O'Kane Hall, named for Fr. Michael O'Kane, SJ (1849-1917) the eleventh president of the College (1889-1893). Fr. O'Kane is pictured on this Colorano FDC.