Links for Presenters to Preview for Nov 28 (Chapters 19-22)

Images to pray with before November 28 (Chapters 19-22)

Note The first page number is from the Brooklyn Museum’s Big Book; the second is from Sheed’s text if the image is there.

The Call of Matthew, page 124 & page 157

Caravaggio’s Call of Matthew

Lord, I Am Not Worthy, page 136 (& page 178

The Daughter of Jairus, page 133 & page 182

Jesus Sleeping During the Tempest, page 129 (not in text)

Jesus Stilling the Tempest, page 129 & page 183

The Woman with an Issue of Blood, page 135 & page 185

Links for Christmas Images for Dec 12

Adoration of the Magi, 3rd – 4th cent. wall painting from Catacomb of Priscilla

Adoration of the Magi, from a 4th cent. Roman sarcophagus

Birth of Jesus, 4th-5th cent. marble relief

The Nativity by Gari Melchers

Nativity by Giotto

The Nativity by Tintoretto

The Nativity by Petrus Christus

Adoration of the Shepherds by Ghirlandaio

Nativity of Our Lord, modern icon