Archbishop John Carroll
First Bishop of the United States



Carroll on Vatican Scott  843 FDI cancel for the Vatican carroll stamp
VATICAN CITY, 1989, the bicentenary of the hierarchy in the United States of America, Scott 843
The vignette is from an 1812 engraving by William Leney and Benjamin Tanner
and while the legend references a painting by Jeremiah Paul, it is clearly based on the Gilbert Stuart painting.
The FDI cancel features the Baltimore Cathedral

Born in Maryland, John Carroll studied with the Jesuits at Bohemia, Maryland, and then at St. Omer's College in Flanders. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1753, was ordained in 1769. When the Society was suppressed in 1773, Carroll returned to Maryland and was later selected by local clergy and confirmed by Rome first as superior of the missions in the United States and in 1789 as the first bishop of the American hierarchy. In 1808, Carroll became Archbishop of Baltimore, with suffragan sees at New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Bardstown. More

USA postal card showing Georgetown University
1989, an Artcraft cachet on this FDC features the statue of Archbishop John Carroll, founder of Georgetown University

Postmark for Carrolltown, Pennsylvania
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 2005, postmark from Carrolltown, Pennsylvania

Carrolltown, Pennsylvania owes its name to Fr. Henry Lemke, OSB and the priest-prince Demetrius Gallitzin, who insisted that the town Lemke founded at his church be named for Bishop Carroll.