Father Adolf Daens
(1839 -1907)
Political Leader



Father Adolf Daens on Belgium Scott 1331 Father Adolf Daens on Belgium Scott 1331 imperf Father Adolf Daens on Belgium cancels
BELGIUM, 1989, issued a week before the 150th anniversary of his birth, Scott 1331 with FDI and show cancels
The Belgian Post gives imperforate stamps, without gum and numbered on the back,
to royalty, ministers, ex-ministers, and postal management.
They are issued in small quantities, e.g. only 1000 stamps for each of the 1983-2006 issues.

Father Adolf Daens on Belgium Scott 1708
BELGIUM, 1998, the International Film Festival in Brussels and Ghent, Scott 1708
honoring the film, Daens, by director Stijn Coninx

Adolf Daens was born in 1839 in Aalst, Belgium. Having attended the Jesuit college there, he entered and left the Society of Jesus twice. He was ordained a diocesan priest for the diocese of Ghent in 1873, was curate in Sint-Niklaas and Kruishoutem, and taught college in Oudenaarde and Dendermonde. Under the influence of Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum (1891) he refused to obey his superiors or to join the Catholic party of Charles Woeste. Instead, he formed his own Christian People's Party (Christene Volkspartij / Parti Populaire Chrétien) and was elected deputy for Aalst in 1894, and later for Brussels. He was dismissed from the priesthood in 1899. His life and ideals were the subject of the 1992 film Daens by the Belgian director Stijn Coninx.