Father Manuel Ferrer Muñoz, SJ
Pastor and Mountaineer



Father Manuel Ferrer Muñoz, SJ on personalized Spanish stamp
SPAIN, 2009, personalized stamp in honor of Father Ferrer

Manuel Ferrer Muñoz was born in Padul December 4, 1920. He studied at the Instituto Padre Suárez and in the seminary of Granada, and entered the Jesuits in 1939. After studies in Puerto de Santa María, Madrid and Granada he was ordained priest in 1952. Between 1956 and 1974, he directed Sodalities of Our Lady at Malaga, Almería, and Granada. In 1965 he created the Centro Intercolegial de Granada, the the beginning from which was born young people's organizations engaged in mountaineering, ping pong, journalism, philately and many other activities, especially involving contact with the nature. When Jesuit superiors decided in 1974 to withdraw from the Sodalities , Fr. Ferrer returned to Almería where he was pastor in the barrios of Piedras Redondas, Almendros and Araceli; in 1984 he returned to Granada to care for the parishes of Fuensanta, Castillo de Tajarja and Peñuelas; in 1986 was appointed pastor of El Chaparral and in 1988 took charge also of that of Calicasas, in which he "retired' in 1993.

A mountaineer, he always kept in contact in contact with the Sierra Nevada mountains and this too became an important pedagogical mission. From a bibliographical point of view, his greatest work of all is his Sierra Nevada, published in 1971, a collective work in which he managed to combine the work of more than twenty specialists in botany, geology, biology, geography, hydrology, history, bibliography and mountaineering, that produced a total work Since his return to Granada in 1984, Manuel Ferrer initiated the preparation of a new and monumental book, Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarra, that with the contribution of another legion of university professors, saw the light of day between 1985 and 1986 in four volumes and a fifth more of maps. In recent years his contributions to the knowledge of the Sierra Nevada have been constant: Granada beyond the snows (1984), Minerals of Granada (1991), New walks Granada and its surroundings (1991), The Waters of Sierra Nevada (1993), and contributions to other works. More

A maximum card which reproduces the cover of Ferrer's Sierra Nevada
A maximum card which reproduces the cover of Ferrer's Sierra Nevada, published in 1971