Father Vicente Ferrer Moncho
Missionary and Humanitarian



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Father Vicente Ferrer Moncho cancel
SPAIN, 2010, featuring Fr. Ferrer, and cancels, Scott 3749

Vicente Ferrer died in June 2009 in Anantapur, one of the poorest regions of India. He was born in Barcelona in 1920 and became a Jesuit aiming at "helping others." In 1952 he was posted to India as a missionary and began working with the poor and needy. In 1970 he left the Jesuits and created the Fundación Vicente Ferrer. With the help of aid workers he set up schools, hospitals, wells, reservoirs, seed banks and thousands of micro-credit programs and aid for farmers, promoting equality between men and women. In acknowledgment for his work he was awarded the Prince of Asturias Laureate for Concord. His projects are still alive thanks to the support and the team of collaborators who follow in his footsteps. More