Father Luis Frois, SJ
Historian of Japan



Father Luis Frois, SJ on Portugal Scott 2166

Father Luis Frois, SJ on Portugal Scott 2165 Father Luis Frois, SJ on Portugal Scott 2167 Father Luis Frois, SJ on Macao Scott 879 Father Luis Frois, SJ on Macao Scott 878
PORTUGAL, 1997, the 4th centenary of the death of Frois, Scott 2165-67
MACAO, 1997, Scott 878-879

Luis Frois was born in Lisbon, and, entering the Jesuits in 1548, went to Goa and began his studies at the newly-founded college of St. Paul in Goa. He was ordained in 1561 and in 1563 sailed for Japan. On his arrival in Kyoto, Frois met with both the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshiteru and more frequently with the daimyo Nobunaga who was supportive of his missionary work. At the urging of the mission supervisor Alessandro Valignano he began to compile his History of Japan, which provides much information about Japan and the Jesuit mission there from 1549 to 1593. After Christian priests were ordered to be expelled, he went to Macao (he is pictured on two stamps above in front of St. Paul's), but returned to Japan to die. Portugal marked Frois' 400th anniversary on June 9, 1997, the same day it marked the same anniversary for Jesuits Antonio Vieira and José de Anchieta.

Father Luis Frois, SJ on a Portuguese cancel
PORTUGAL, 1997, FDI cancel for Portugal and Macao common issue, Scott 2165-67