Father Felix Restrepo Mejia, SJ
Christian Humanist and Patriot



Father Felix Restrepo Mejia, SJ on Colombia Scott C486 Father Felix Restrepo Mejia, SJ on Colombia Scott 791
COLOMBIA, 1967, Scott C486, Restrepo, below the arms of the Language Academy, wears a medal of honor
COLOMBIA, 1970, a Philatelic Week stamp-on-stamp issue includes the Restrepo stamp (bottom center), Scott 791

Felix Restrepo Mejia, Colombian Jesuit priest, was founder, cofounder, or director of the Catholic Students' House in Bogota, St. Ignatius Hospital, the Pontifical Xaverian University, the Language Institute of Colombia, the Libreria Volundad, a Credit Cooperative, and the Caro y Cuervo Institute. For 18 years he served the Pontifical Xaverian University as rector and dean, in his last years was director of the Language Institute, and all this while engaged in prolific writing. At his death newspapers and the government were lavish in their praise of Restrepo's character and contribution to the nation and its people.