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Manresa Phone Number(248) 644-4933
FRONT OFFICE (Ext. 0)Send Email
Fr. Leo Cachat, SJ (Ext. 101)Send Email
Ms. Jenny Chapman (Administrative Staff) (Ext. 100)Send Email
Fr. Francis Daly, SJ (Executive Director) (Ext. 102)Send Email
Ms. Ann Dillon (Director, Ignatian Formation) (Ext. 107)Send Email
Fr. Peter Fennessy, SJ (Ext. 103)Send Email
Fr. Robert Flack, SJ (Ext. 103)Send Email
Fr. Steve Hurd, SJ (Ext. 105)Send Email
Mr. Tim Neis (Controller) (Ext. 113)Send Email
Ms. Violet Mercado (Software Specialist) (Ext. 110)Send Email
Mr. Steve Raymond (Associate Director) (Ext. 111)Send Email
Ms. Anne Smith (Publications) (Ext. 109)Send Email
Ms. Ruth Ann Stevens (Business Manager) (Ext. 112)Send Email
Ms. Karen Wilson (Coordinator of Events and Volunteers) (Ext. 110)Send Email
Fr. Bob Ytsen, SJ (Ext. 106)Send Email
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